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Umbanda has its roots in West African spiritual traditions, brought to the New World during the transatlantic slave trade. In Brazil, these traditions integrated elements of Catholicism and native beliefs and practices, as they developed mainly into Candomblé and Umbanda.

There are many forms of Umbanda and the principles and practices of Umbanda vary from temple to temple. While Templo Guaracy has its own distinct philosophy, it deeply respects all forms of Umbanda and all manifestation of wisdom as contained in the different spiritual traditions around the world.

Templo Guaracy do Brasil was legally founded in 1973 by Babalorixá Carlos Buby. Currently Templo Guaracy maintains regular activities in eight cities in Brazil and ten other locations throughout Europe and North America.




Templo Guaracy is deeply committed to the preservation and integral development of Life. This commitment includes a profound respect for nature, both the natural world and the natural processes of life. In this Guaracyan Philosophy, Life is recognized as the most essential expression of the primordial light that at a given moment of eternity, fragmented. This fragmentation gave birth to our different forms of reality.

The tradition of Umbanda promotes the communication between the material and immaterial planes of existence, through the development of mediunity and perception. Templo Guaracy distinctly understands the purpose of this communication as providing guidance for spiritual growth and expansion of human consciousness.



Guaracyan Philosophy
a book by Carlos Buby


The GUARACYAN PHILOSOPHY invites us to reflect upon the day-to-day themes that humanity has experienced for thousands of years. These approaches challenge us to transcend the beliefs, habits, customs, myths, and patterns that we have absorbed without perceiving what really belongs to us and what we belong to. The simplicity and objectivity of the way such complex topics are presented here are part of the intention of the author to make himself understood. 


Carlos Buby understands that Spiritual development is beyond the rapid and growing intellectual and technological achievement. According to the author, humans need to be aware of the different contexts in which they are involved. Without self-perception, one or more of the Fundamental structures (social, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual) can be corrupt and put the whole system at risk of collapse.  


The GUARACYAN PHILOSOPHY does not pretend to dictate truths or become a reference for those who are already committed to a particular line of thought. The idea to write this book emerged, when Carlos Buby, after 46 years of seeking answers among the different traditions, realized that NOT EVERYTHING IS WRITTEN and, for the good of eternal Seekers, EVERYTHING WILL NEVER BE WRITTEN. 

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